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First blog!

I have finally found the time to sit down with the laptop and write my first blog on the website. I'm not enitrely sure what it is I'm supposed to write about or what you guys would like hear so if you have any suggestions feel free to email them to me.

So this week has been my first week back in London for a while and it was a delight, despite being freezing cold (any of you that know me, know I'm generally a cold person & much more suited to warmer's cold enough for me already & I don't even want to think about January!!!!). I am now flat sharing with English Rebecca at her rather splendid flat in Earls Court. It is lovely and surrisingly large (for London) if somewhat chilly. I guess that's the drawbacks of a basement flat. Note to self: make sure I pack warmer pjs & a hot water bottle for my next visit.

My first week back started off very well & I have met some rather lovely new faces. One of which stood out from the crowd as we seemed to immediately hit it off, sharing many interests and sense of humour. This lead to a return visit Wednesday where we got to explore each other a little more. Unfortunately, it was short lived as his travels takes him elsewhere. I guess that's one of the downsides to this hobby. I get to meet some wonderful and interesting people, but sometimes it is only briefly before their paths lead them elsewhere. However, I would say I am fortunate enough to have spent a short period of time with them.

This weekend is looking to be rather relaxing. Visiting family this evening, some friends I met in Crete back in the summer tomorrow evening and a day at home doing not a lot. Also, a few trips to the gym are in order as I have been so busy this week I have not had the time. (Note to self: find a gym close to Earls Court for when I'm in town). It's not often I get time to do these kind of things but I intend to make the most of it this weekend. And on that note I shall leave you to get ready for the trip to my sisters.


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