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A bit of a moan :(

What is it with people thinking it is acceptable to arrange a booking & then not follow it through? The last week or two has been filled with bookings that have fallen through & many of which did not call to at least offer an explanation. Am I that scary that people feel they can't tell me? I'm sure it is not just me experiencing an increasing number of timewasters. I'm just curious as to why someone would do this? What do they get out of it? Apart from wasted time. I understand that sometimes things come up that you can't get out of but a simple email or text to cancel would be courteous. Anyway, rant over. Other than that, this week has been interesting. Had a lovely dinner at il Portico in high street Kensington the other night. Very rustic & authentic Italian & the food was great. Also have been offered a trip to Singapore over New Year's Eve which is fantastic. Having never been before I am very excited & what better time of year to go then over the new year. HOWEVER, not being a keen flyer I am a bit apprehensive about the 14hr flight there & back. Nothing a couple of glasses of wine in the airport lounge won't sort out though! Before I sign off, it wouldn't be right not to mention I have just finished my Christmas shopping AND wrapped most of it. Can't wait to purchase a new tree over the weekend :-) Anyway, that's enough for one blog. Don't want to bore you guys to death! Until next time, Xxx

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