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Plans for Christmas

The christmas tree is finally up, the presents have been purchased and neatly wrapped and I am now officially on countdown for the holidays. I can not wait! What better time of year to be with family and friends.

I have had a few enquiries regarding my availability over the Christmas period so have included the dates I am available on my diary page. I usually try to take at least 1 week off to spend time at home but I tend to find that between Christmas and New Year there are a few eager friends that desire some company or an escape from the relatives so have a few dates thrown in then for appointments if any of your require them. I will only be offering outcalls during that period though & a minimum of 3hrs duration.

I have been feeling a bit under the weather the last week or so and so I must apologise if I have missed any of your calls recently. As of tomorrow I will be back to my normal routine of Monday-Wednesdays so please feel free to contact me to arrange a booking.

I have also arranged my first trip to Dubai for mid February. I will be there from 10th-16th so if any friends are over that way and require some company you know where I am. I am quite excited about going to Dubai as I have never been before (gasp) and it'll be something to look forward to after a rather long winter here. My body is already craving some sunshine and warmer weather and it's not even January yet! Also, if you have any recommendations on things to do & see feel free to drop me an email.

Next week is the dreaded new photoshoot....oh how I hate having my picture taken! I'm sure I am not the only one. There is something about smiling constantly for 3+ hours, whilst arranging your body parts in the most unnatural positions, wearing next to nothing, in front of a complete stranger that feels slightly uncomfortable. haha. And with the photoshoot and Christmas on my mind I will be embarking on my first 3 day juice cleanse as of Monday. I am a fan of juicing but I am sure it will be a struggle...I do love food! Also, having been feeling a bit blah for the last couple of weeks, I am hoping it will help to get me back to my normal happy self.

And on that note, I am off to cook myself some yummy meatballs & pasta.

Until next time.xx

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