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So it's been a month since I last wrote a blog so thought it was about time I done a little update to keep you all entertained (or bore you!). Anyway, I have been back in London regularly for a few weeks & it's been nice to see some new faces & make some new friends. I have noticed a slight change in the type of gentlemen that frequent me...maybe it's the way I am portraying myself through the website & advertising or the it could be the fact that my tolerance has taken a dramatic nose dive & I am no longer willing to reply to numerous texts or respond to ludicrous messages. Either way, I am pleased with these changes & hope they continue this way. I have had some reflective time & have been doing some thinking about my plans for this year (and beyond) & what I hope to achieve. I somehow always set myself ridiculously unachievable targets & put unnecessary pressure on myself to achieve them. HOWEVER, I do believe that working hard pays off. I'm not shy of putting in the effort or of hard work & enjoy reaping the benefits but I have learnt that sometimes it's better to pace yourself & reach your goal in one piece, rather than going full steam ahead & failing just before the finish line. I therefore have adjusted my goals & hope they are a little more realistic. What else is new? Not an awful lot to be honest. Meeting some lovely gentlemen, studying, planning for the future & not much else. All sounds rather dull doesn't it? Note to self: I must do something fun soon! Anyway, that's it for now. Until next

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