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As some of you may know I have been experiencing a number of health issues which has forced me to take things a little easier & cut down on the amount of time I spend in London. For that reason I am now only offering outcall dates of 2hrs or longer for the time being. It does not effect my ability to spend time with some lovely 'friends' but it has had a significant impact on my life. Unfortunately there is not an awful lot I can do but wait for a number of hospital appointments & hopefully get things fixed. Therefore I am exploring the idea of trying to obtain some longer dates & possibly some travel dates also. As you probably know I love travelling & what better way to combine that love than with spending time with some wonderful 'friends'. Back in the day (anyone would think I've been doing this centuries haha) there were often travel dates & longer dates (overnights) but these seem to be few & far between. Maybe it's because my schedule has become less flexible, maybe it's because of the 'recession' or maybe the trend has changed & 'friends' prefer shorter dates As for other things, I am finishing up my first year at uni over the next few weeks with exams after Easter. I'm feeling confident I have done enough to pass. Especially considering a lot of the students (aged 18-21) have spent most of the year enjoying the night life rather than knuckling down to study. Haha. That makes me sound ancient doesn't it?! Note to self: you are well passed the days of clubbing & hangovers!! I am no longer a West End virgin either. Ridiculous i know, but until recently i had never been to the theatre in London before. Don't get me wrong, I have seen shows before, typically back home but never in London!! I enjoyed seeing We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theatre. A rather strange story line but a good performance & show. (Thank you to a special friend for arranging a wonderful evening). I now have the theatre bug & hope I may get the chance to see a few more (hint hint). Another thing, I have read an interesting thread on a few forums recently about ladies in this industry having boyfriends & partners. I am shocked that a lot of gents find it off putting knowing the lady they have chosen to see is either married or has a partner. I find this baffling considering 99% of the friends I meet are married & have been for a number of years. I don't judge them or see them any differently than a friend that is happily single. If anything I am comforted by the fact that I know there will never be any issues of 'feelings' becoming involved. I am lucky to have met & stayed in contact with a number of wonderful people I have met over the years. Some I still see professionally, some just the odd email every now & again & some I see as close friends that know me as me, rather than Abigail. So does it really make a difference if the lady has someone special in their life? Does it change the level of service you receive? Or is it the perception that a lady must be completely yours for however long you spend with her? Would you want to know if a lady has a partner? Or would you prefer to be in ignorant bliss? I'm sure there are a number of lovely ladies out there that have been lucky enough to find a good partner & happily continue to see gents. Whether their partner know or not is a completely different matter. I know many men that enjoy this industry because it's safer, less hassle than an affair & often cheaper too. There is no pressure, commitment (other than the agreed appointment/s) or expectation. Both parties can happily enjoy a rendezvous without worrying about 'where things are going' or 'what if they want me to leave my partner' or any of that nonsense. Surely it would only matter if there is some expectation/hope that the gent wants to make it more than a professional relationship. Anyway, I am baffled. Maybe someone would care to shed some light on the matter. Feel free to drop me an email giving me your opinion & reasoning behind it because this is a subject I may explore further. Anyway, that's probably enough ranting for now. Nothing else to report, so until next time.... Xxx

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