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Work-Life Balance

This has always been a difficult one for me. How to balance my work life & normal life. I'm sure it's not limited to just this industry, but applies to all careers. When I first started out in London I worked 4-5 days every week for a year or two, putting work before most other aspects of life. While very lucrative & fun, I burnt out & took a long period off time off. This was repeated a few times before I decided I needed to make some changes. I even tried to quit escorting a few times, but was always drawn back in. I missed the excitement & thrill of it quite quickly.

I then decided to limit my days in London & spent half my time at home & half in London. This worked for a while, however I got fed up of spending long days wandering around London on my own, not to mention living out of a suitcase in a hotel. It was fun when I was busy but tedious when it was quiet. It's not like other jobs, where you get to meet people you can socialise with after work. It's difficult to arrange to meet other lady friends, as you never know what your day is going to be like. And you can bet that when you're free, your friend is entertaining.

I recently decided to only offer outcalls & extended bookings so I can spend more time at home having a 'normal' life but also keep entertaining. This seems to be working for the best part, however I still miss the excitement of London. Being at home is lovely, but there's only so much you can do. It's good to have a kitchen to cook in every day, being able to plan my days in advance & sleep in my own bed most nights. All my friends & family have normal jobs which means my days are usually spent at home alone, no different to London really.

I wonder how other ladies manage work life & normal life? Or is work life normal life for them?

I do have plans & goals of what I want to achieve during the next few years & so will not be retiring any time soon. I want to make the most of my time & also find a balance that works for me that is sustainable for a good few years to come.

I have also been toying with the idea of touring next year. My question to you is, where would you like me to tour? I've been thinking maybe NYC & Edinburgh. Any other suggestions? Touring will probably have to wait until next year but I'm hoping to finalise my plans before Christmas. I'll also be sticking to extended bookings for the time being, however when touring I will be offering 1hr appointments also. I'll also add tours to London on a fairly regular basis so I can cater for the gents that prefer shorter dates.

In the meantime, I'm still stuck at home trying to find things to do to keep myself entertained whilst not over doing it. So until my next post (which will probably be tomorrow judging by my level of boredom!)...xx

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