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Feeling Positive :-)

So I spent 4 days in London this week & have to stay it feels great to be back. I really have missed the 'Big Smoke' & can't wait to be back up 13th-16th April. The apartment is in a great location & is much more convenient, discreet & spacious than the hotel I used to stay at. It's also nice to have a kitchen & balcony. Much better value for money in my opinion. And not to mention the wonderful friends I've met & been in contact with this week. I feel lucky to be able to do what I do & genuinely enjoy it. I couldn't think of another career I would rather have right now.

I have lots to look forward to in the coming months too. A few trips away (Spain & Rhode Island), catching up with a very special friend who will be returning to London soon, my best friends 30th birthday in which we will be having afternoon tea at The Ritz and of course my own birthday. (Not that I have anything planned for it yet, but I'm sure something will happen).

So, all in all, very exciting times ahead. You wouldn't think as I write this it is 2am & I'm sat on the sofa with excruciating tooth ache! Haha.

I'm planning on updating my pictures shortly too. I've been doing a little research & think I have found a suitable photographer. I've never used him before but his pictures are great & it's always good to keep things interesting right?! So watch this space, there may be news pictures being added soon.

I have also been considering giving Vipassna a go. Someone very special mentioned it to me this week (a little thank you to you, you know who you are) & after looking into it, it certainly looks like something I could benefit from. I just need to find 10 free days so I can attend the residential course. If any of you gents are interested in meditation then it's worth investigating. The residential course may not be of great interest but the practice, I'm sure, could benefit many of us. If any of you have tried it or practice it, please get in touch & let me know what you think.

Also, before I go, I've got a couple of ideas for some interesting blogs so keep a look out for them over the next few weeks. I'll get writing as soon as I'm done with studying my module on the 'Consumer Society'.

Until next

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