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How it all began (part 1)

People/clients always ask me how I got into this business and it's really not an easy answer. I thought I would try to put it all down in writing and maybe give you a little insight into how it all began for me. It is a rather long story, so if you get bored easily I give you permission to skip this post. Haha.

I was fed up of working in a bank dealing with other people's money & barely making ends meet. I saw an ad in the local paper for modelling & decided to go for it. Little did I know that it wasn't really for modelling but for an escort job. I arranged an appointment for one evening after work. I remember it clearly. It was a beautiful summer day & I made an excuse to my boyfriend about having to stay behind an extra hour or two at work. I drove to the appointment which was at a block of luxury apartments in my home town. I was met by an older man. He was larger than average and had long grey hair & a face full of beard! We had a chat & he told me the job was for 'glamour' modelling. Being young & naive, I thought why not. So I took off my clothes & allowed him to take some pictures of me. I was nervous. Of course I was. No one had seen me naked about from previous boyfriends. But I sucked it up & got on with it. As I had already been there for over an hour, I was desperate to get back home before my boyfriend suspected anything, so I made my excuses & left. I felt bad for not being honest with my boyfriend but at the time I was more interested in making some money & was wrapped up in the excitement of possibilities.

I kept in touch with the Grey Fox (the older 'photographer') and over time found out he was running an escort agency. He asked if I would be willing to try it. Again, being a little naive, I said yes. The interview involved sleeping with him at his apartment to see if I was cut out for it. After an hour 'interview', I was told I got the job, however would I consider only seeing him, as I was too sweet to be an escort. In return he showered me with nice lunches, trips out on his friends boat & long summer days spent outside drinking champagne. I was around 22-23 at the time & to me, this lifestyle was fabulous. I soon broke up with my boyfriend & spent most of my time in the company of the Grey Fox. Although he was much older than me (around 40 years older!) it didn't bother me. His friends all had younger 'girlfriends' and it was nice to be spoilt, even if money never exchanged hands. We went to 'exclusive' parties, spent most afternoons sat outside nice restaurants eating & drinking and generally having a good time.

After sometime, I can't remember exactly how it happened but the relationship fizzled out & I began escorting. I gave up my job in the bank & the rest is history.

The Grey Fox had a new girlfriend (girl X) who was actually running the escort agency & we became friends. She was the complete opposite of me but we got along well. The Grey Fox exited the scene at some point. Rumour has it that he had got into some serious debt & done a runner to Spain. Looking back, it's hardly surprising. He must have been spending a lot more than the agency was making. Anyway, with him out of the picture, I was now escorting full time with girl X.

Girl X had been introduced to a lady (Lady A) that ran an escort agency in London but who lived in our home town. We went to her house one morning to get the low down on working with a London agency. It seemed even better than working locally. More money, better clients etc. Lady A was very upfront about what her clients expected & what the job was really like in London. Something which the Grey Fox had never been! And so of course, my next step was working in London.

It turned out the Lady A was right. The clients were better. I received many gifts from them & slowly built up a collection of regulars. London was also alot busier than my home town & within a week I had made more money than I thought was possible. I guess you could say I was addicted.

Over time, girl X and I drifted apart. The differences of personality became bigger, to the point where I was concerned I would be suckered in to her lifestyle (which really wouldn't have ended well). Unfortunately, she got herself into some trouble & left London after a couple of years. I don't know what happened to her either. Maybe when people leave this industry they cease to exist. They either recreate themselves in such a way, or distant themselves so much from the industry & lifestyle that they can not be identified. Who knows. I guess I'll find out one day.

Anyway, going back to my story... When I first started escorting, I just wanted to make as much money as possible. I worked 4-5 days every week. From 10am to the early hours of the morning sometimes. I must note here that this was my choice. No one forced me into it or forced me to do anything I didn't want to do. I done things I didn't particularly enjoy, but which meant I had more bookings. I was unsure how long this 'job' would last & wanted to make as much as possible while I could. Little did I know that 10 years later I would still be here!! Haha.

I guess I burnt myself out. I was constantly tired, I put work before almost everything else & it began to become a problem. Although I was making a lot of money, I was spending it just as quickly. I was young (that's my excuse anyway) and wasn't really thinking about the future. Despite Lady A always saying I should save for a deposit for a house, or something worthwhile, I never really gave it much thought. I thought I would always have time to do that & I thought I would always be earning the same amount of money. WRONG!

During the first year or so, I met someone I liked and we began dating. I didn't tell him that I was an escort, purely because, when do you tell someone? If you tell them straight away they could tell anyone. If you wait, then you have already been lying about what you do. If anyone has this answer then please do share it as I still don't know the answer. The relationship became quite serious & despite me being away from home 4-5 days a week we managed to stay together for a number of years. The whole time, I kept up the lie that I was a Au Pair for a friend of mine in London. Even when I had trips abroad I said I was travelling as an Au Pair! I have absolutely no idea how I got away with it. We had a lovely house, a new car, holidays to the Caribbean reguarly etc.

Unfortunately we split up,as escorting always came first & I was unable to maintain any kind of relationship. We stayed friends & not too long after we split, he found out the truth. It was heartbreaking, for both of us. Anyway, he was shocked, surprised & upset but somehow understood why I lied & also, why I chose this career. Having his support (as a friend) and being able to talk to someone about my day was a relief. Although my mum knew/knows about escorting it wasn't quite the same. Having someone else to talk to was a real help.

Around this time, I took my first proper break from escorting. I had worn myself out and no longer enjoyed it like I did before. Although the money was still rolling in, I longed for a 'normal' life & also not having to lie about what I done for work. It's hard explaining to friends how you're able to afford so many nice things being an Au Pair....


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