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What a week!

Well what a start to the week. It started off great. A booking to Marbella, Spain was finally confirmed. It took a bit of juggling on my part but I was all set and looking to a few days away. Then the following day (Tuesday) it was cancelled. Now, don't get me wrong, I do understand that plans change and things happen that effect bookings, but going to Marbella one day and then cancelling the next (after much juggling on my part!) is a little naughty.

Anyway, I had already cancelled my trip to London to accommodate going away and so not only have I missed out on a trip away but I have also missed out on a trip to London this week. Not how I imagined the week would turn out.

Today, however was a complete turn around. I received an early birthday present (think La Perla) in the post from a wonderful gentleman and also a voucher for a massage and a box of chocolates from another good friend. How lucky I am??

Obviously I won't be in London this week, as planned, but I will be making the most of my time at home by writing a few blog posts and getting my bottom to the gym. Oh and making the most of this glorious weather (sat in bikini in the garden whilst typing this up).

One of the problems I've had recently is a slight increase in weight. Don't panic folks, I'm not talking about turning into the Michelin Man or anything, but because I was on medication for my health issue last year, it has slowed my metabolism down a little, making it a struggle to get back to my normal curvy, but fit self. I have made a commitment to daily gym workouts and healthy eating, however it may take a few weeks to get back to normal. Obviously, if you like a lady with curves, then I am still perfect for you, but just keep in mind that I won't be quite so voluptous next time we meet. (maybe I should not post this part....don't want to scare any of you away, but maybe I'm just too honest?!).

I will be back up in London 27th-30th April if you want to check out these curves for yourself, if not, util next time...

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