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What a month!

Its's been a while since I last posted so thought I'd give you an update on my movements for the next few weeks & also what I've been up to recently.

I spent a wonderful week in Providence, Rhode Island last week with Mr C (aka the American). Although the weather wasn't ideal we still enjoyed a relaxing time together...hopefully to be repeated in the future. We took a day trip to Newport, which was spectacular. Maybe I will consider buying my house there. Haha.

I returned home Saturday and went straight to Wembley Stadium to the Summertime Ball concert. Although I was extremely tired and had lost my suitcase on route back to England, it was a great afternoon/evening. I will most certainly be getting tickets again for next year.

Now I'm back, I've been planning my return to London. I will return to offering incalls of 1 hour or more next Monday 15th June and then again 22nd, 23rd and 24th June. I will then be off for 2 weeks after that but will then be back in London Monday-Wednesday until my summer holiday the beginning August. You can always check my diary page which is kept update to date.

Anyway, I must get back to my studying.

Until next time...


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