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Penultimate last week in London

Well as most of you know, this has been my penultimate last week in London offering 1 and 2 hour appointments. The last two weeks up here have been great and I'm kind of going to miss it. As of tomorrow, I am off for a few weeks as I have mountains of studying to do before I go on holiday.

Unfortunately, I won't be back in London until Sunday 23rd August, but I'll be around for almost a week so it gives you guys a chance to see me before I go into semi-retirement. haha.

I have met some wonderful gents in the last week, that I can now add to my friend list and hopefully make the most of my trips up to London from September onwards.

I have a rather busy couple of months coming up. Next week will be filled with studying and writting my last two assignments for my module on society. (27th-31st July)

The following two weeks I'm on holiday. (1st-15th Aug)

I return for a week at home and a night out in Plymouth to watch the annual fireworks competition with Mr P. I absolutely adore fireworks and think there's something quite special about them. (17th-22nd August)

After that I'll be back in London for a week until 'the American' arrives on the 29th August for 4-5 days of exploring the city together. That should be alot of fun and we have some catching up to do, since Providence. (23rd Aug- 3rd Sept)

I then have a week off to finish my exams. I will be available for extended bookings during this week, so please email me if you'd like to arrange anything for that week. My phone isn't always on when I'm at home. (7th-13th Sept)

I then have a lovely 24hrs with Mr M in London to look forward to. Maybe I'll combine that with a few extra days up here to catch up with some of that I won't have seen for a while. I'll keep you posted on that. (14th-20th Sept)

Then finally, the last week of September I'm jetting off to Amsterdam with Mr B for 3 days. I'm really looking forward to that. I've not been before and am excited to see what the city has to offer and maybe even explore some of the seedy side of it ;) (21st-27th Sept)

And at some point I may squeeze in a trip to Barcelona. Dates to be confirmed.

And that brings me to October, when hopefully I'll be around a little more frequently again. I will be updating my blog and sending a newsletter out to you all, to give you some notice of when I'll be around, so watch out for those.

No rest for the wicked!

Until next time...


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