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Back from Spain...

Well I'm back from a glorious holiday in Spain and feeling rather refreashed and ready for my last week in London.

As most of you know, as of the beginning of September I will only be offering dates of 3hrs or longer to new clients so if you're seeking a shorter date the best chance of catching me will be 23rd-28th August. I will still be offering shorter dates to existing clients as and when I am in London.

Anyway back to my holiday... It was truly fabulous. The weather was perfect and a consistent 31 degrees most days. The food was great. The company even better. We went on a night time safari at the zoo (which was on site) and it nearly scared the life out of me. We were so close to the elephants and tigers, just a small wooden fence seperating us! It was worth doing though as my favourite animals are elephants and I can now say I have seen one up close. It's a bit depressing to be back, especially since the weather is a little chilly here now. But all good things must come to an end I suppose. Maybe I should book another holiday to cheer myself up. haha.

I am always asked a number of questions either via email or when we meet in person and I'm going to be answering some via the blog on a regular basis. So if there's anything you want me to discuss or answer then please let me know. So here's a couple of questions I was asked on my last visit to London.

My previous blog on arrangements. I am still open to the idea of an arrangement as long as it is on terms that is mutually beneficial. I do prefer meeting with gents I know well and for longer dates so an arrangement is ideal for me. However for it to work there has to be ground rules and both parties need to be comfortable with them. So that answers that question.

The second question I was asked was regarding my exit strategy. It is still the same. I am currently studying so that I have something to pursue when the time comes for me to move on and away from this hobby. I am currently in the process of paying off some debt & then shall be saving to buy my own property. I'm not looking for something huge, just a modest apartment or small house. Hampshire is obviously significantly cheaper than London, so you can get a decent pace for under £300k. If I am able to, then I would ideally like to own my property outright (with no mortgage) before I retire from this hobby. Maybe that's a little optimistic, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. I don't have any timescales as such, but am keen to keep things moving in the right direction and not become complacent.

As i said, if there's any questions you'd like me to answer or a topic you would like me to discuss, drop me an email and I will do so on my blogs.

I must get back to my chores of unpacking etc.

Until next time...

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