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Etiquette and the like...

So I have a bit of time on my hands while I wait for the Virgin engineer to come out and (finally) install my TV and internet services and having completed my studying for this week already decided it was time for another blog post. Many of you will be surprised to read that despite it being relatively easy to arrange an appointment with me, some still find it a little difficult to get it right. I'm sure I'm not the only one this happens too either. So here I will set the record straight about how to successfully arrange a booking and get off to a good start.

1- Research- When doing your research on which lady/ladies you would like to visit it is always a good idea to read their website fully. This is so you can be sure you have made the right choice, but also to find out if there is a good chance of the lady being available to make the suggested date. It seems a little pointless selecting a lady and then realising she is unavailable the dates you require or that she only offer appointments that do not suit you. This stage will also answer most questions you may have, such as what are your rates, what services do you offer etc and it'll not only save you time, but also get you off to a good start with the lady in question, if you already know these details. It is quite tedious to have to answer lots of emails and calls every day asking questions that are already answered on my website. So please do your research before making contact.

2- Dates- Once you've done your research and selected the lady you wish to see, before contacting her it is essential that you have a date or two in mind that you are available to meet. Asking when a lady is available is like asking how long is a piece of string. Also knowing what type of date you would like helps the lady to plan her diary and can make the whole booking process alot easier for both parties. For example, it may be easier for the lady to fit in a one hour date, but having a request for an overnight may take a little more planning and negotiation.

3- Contact- When you have selected the lady and have some dates, times and what type of date you're looking for ready it is finally time to make contact. Remember first impressions count! If you send a text saying 'ru available?' 9/10 it is going to be ignored. Many ladies do not reply to texts from new clients. Depending on the lady's booking procedure a carefully planned email will suffice. Stating a little about yourself (age, nationality etc), what type of date you're looking for, why you selected the chosen lady (why you make a good match) and the dates that you are available is likely to be enough to get the ball rolling.

Once a date has been confirmed then you're halfway there. The next steps are easy for most of you but you'd be surprised how many still find it challenging.

4- Planning- Make sure you are freshly showered (or have the opportunity to freshen up on arrival) and have minty fresh breathe. All this careful research and planning could be for nothing if you arrive straight from a day at work and having just eaten a chicken tikka! Us ladies go to a lot of trouble to ensure we are squeaky clean and ready for some fun, so it is essential you do the same. There is nothing more off-putting than poor hygiene.

5- The Exchange- Make sure the donation is available on arrival to avoid any awkwardness. That way it leaves plenty of time for you both to relax and enjoy your time together. Having to ask for it is not only embarrassing but can make both parties feel a little uneasy. Either leaving an envelope in plain sight with the ladies name on, or maybe giving the lady a gift bag with it in will ensure the date gets off to a good start. Most of us ladies don't expect gifts but if you really want to impress us then feel free to purchase a little something beforehand.

There are many other do's and don't so I will try to list as many as possible below:

- Don't ask too many personal questions (real name, private telephone number etc)

- Don't haggle. This, in most cases, will put a stop to any communications

- Don't overstay you're welcome. Most ladies have other things to be getting on with and it is not nice to have to ask someone to leave.

- Don't ask the lady for dinner or drinks unless you're willing to pay for her time.

- Don't offer extra money for services the lady has already stated she does not offer

- Don't turn up drunk or high. This not only sends us ladies running for the hills, but also makes your time wasted as you may not fully enjoy your time together

- Don't use text language when emailing. Show that you have some intelligence and can string a full sentence together by using the English language in all its glory

-Don't bad-mouth other ladies, agencies or clients

It really is that simple. Do your research, make a good first impression, arrive clean and make the donation available on arrival. Simples.

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