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Exciting news...

Just a quick one to let you know of my exciting news. I have been busy making some new plans and can announce that I will be on tour next year. How exciting! The first trip I have scheduled is New York. I will be available for pre-booked dates only from the evening of Sunday 5th June to the afternoon of Thursday 9th June. I will be in Houston the week before with a lovely gent so thought I should check out New York on the way home. All dates must be pre-booked and a deposit of 25% received to confirm the date. I will planning a few more tours for 2016 so will keep you updated on my plans. All suggestions welcome.

I also have my website coming soon. I have enlisted a great website designer and have been informed it should be ready by the end of this week. So watch this space.

All in all, an exciting time ahead.


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