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Planning ahead...

As some of you know, I have been forced to take some time off until the end of April due to treatment to remove some (hopefully) precancerous cells from my nether regions. I'm pleased that I survived the treatment with very little pain and am now almost one week into my 6 week hiatus & already beginning to plan my return.

For those that wish see me on my return, I will be offering incalls on Wednesday 26th & Thursday 27th April in London Bridge, however as I will be easing myself back in, I will only be accepting a small number of dates that week & my diary is already filling up so please contact me soon if you wish to see me that week.

Before my treatment, I enjoyed a wonderful time back in the USA with a truly lovely gentleman friend and am now concentrating on rest & studying. With only a few months left of my second year, I am focusing on completing my assignments before I return to being 'Abigail' so that I am able to focus my free time in May on preparing for my one and only exam. Please send me all the good luck wishes you can as exams are really not my 'thing'.

Nothing else to report here so will get back to my studies and look forward to seeing some of you in the not too distant future.


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