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Not goodbye....

Hey there! How is your summer going? Good I hope.

Just a quick update from me with some good news and some bad news. As some of you may have seen from my Twitter page or heard from myself directly, I have just announced semi-retirement. I have been offered a full time job which is ideal for my future career plans so have accepted the offer and will begin in September. This will very much limit my availability but I am hoping to still get to London once a month to offer incalls. I will know my schedule 3 months in advance so can plan dates accordingly, however, as I am also still studying I would appreciate as much notice as possible when arranging a date. Also, extended dates will be made a priorty, as will long standing dates with existing friends. I am very excited to begin this new adventure and am hoping it won't be the end of 'Abigail' just yet!

On the plus side, I received my module results yesterday and passed all 3 with flying colours so will be beginning my final year of the degree in October. Go me! haha.

Due to a busy travel schedule & starting my new job, I am unavailable until the end of September at the earliest. I will, of course, update you as & when I know I'll be back, but until then, enjoy the rest of the summer & I look forward to seeing you later in the year.

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