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Moving on...

I am temporarily back from my travels & have had some time to reflect on a few things over the summer. I have some great blog ideas swirling around in my grey matter and so will work on getting them written & online over the next few weeks. Watch this space.

The first of the blog posts is about saying goodbye to people I've grown to know over the years. It doesn't often happen as gentlemen friends have often drifted in and out of my life as Abigail and there has never really been a cut off so to speak. However this week I have had the unexpected news that one of these friends is moving on rather suddenly. Having shared some truly wonderful times together and also supported each other through difficult times, it has left me a little off balance. Obviously these things do happen and is part and parcel of being a companion. They are usually more gradual which means it often goes unnoticed. I feel utterly blessed to be able to share part of our lives together and it is inevitable that we all must move on at some point. That is part of being a companion, you are there when you are needed and fade away into a memory when the time comes. I also gain from the friendships we establish. Each friendship brings new challenges and experiences from which I am always learning from and growing. So thank you for giving me this memories and experiences.

Anyway, having not had the chance to say a proper goodbye (probably for the best as that's really not my thing!) this is for my dear friend. That song (you know the one I mean) will always remind me of you, as will American pancakes, splitting meals & beers and of course the friendship we have had. Please be safe, happy & healthy and above all I hope you achieve what you desire.

That's all from me for now. More blog posts coming soon.


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