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Sudden realisation...

As promised this post will be a little more 'deep' than the ones posted over the summer. It has taken some time to decide whether or not to write about this but I think it's important (well it is to me anyway).

So I've been 'independent' for a number of years now and have faced some battles, both personal and business-orientated but have somehow come through the other side and am in a happy place with much to look forward to in the not too distant future. It has not been easy but I have some of you to thank for you patience and support. Your support has not gone unnoticed and I really do appreciate everything you have done to help me. You know who you are.

The last few months, whilst traveling and spending time with people close to me I have come to a sudden realisation. I'm not sure that's really the right phrase for it. Maybe it's more I've learnt a few things that have changed my outlook. Whatever the right words are, there has been a change in my perspective and I'd like to share this with you.

I am no longer looking at others with envy, I am no longer searching for the perfect image, I have grown to be comfortable with who I am and have realised after all this time (and after giving advice to others about similar issues) that I don't need to be worried about what others think of me. I am an individual. There will be people that don't like me or the way I look and there will be people that accept me for who I am. There will be people that have needs I can fulfill and there will be others that need more than I can offer them. I am responsible for my own happiness and therefore I will do what makes me happy. If that means cutting my hair very short, despite some negative comments (from people I have never met & in all likelihood never will) then who really cares? If that means not worrying so much about my weight and actually enjoying meals with great company then that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Don't get me wrong, my health is also very important to me so you won't find me ballooning either, but I shan't be constantly comparing myself to others and being preoccupied with what the low calorie or low carb option is. My time is becoming more precious as I am working towards personal goals and therefore I have the right to be more selective with the people I share my company with. This is reflected in my new rate structure.

Maybe this is change has come from maturing, maybe it is the company I am keeping, maybe it is a result of having been through some difficult times and realising that life is so so precious and short that we must learn to enjoy as much of it as possible. Whatever the reason, I for one am glad I am finally in good place and learning to love myself (very cliched I know but it works for me!).

Anyway, that's it. Maybe it wasn't that interesting after all but hey, it's my blog and I'll write what I want. Hahaha.

Until next time...


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