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End of an era...

So, for those of you that follow me on Twitter and have met me recently, you will know that my time in London has come to an end. 6 months already!? Where has the time gone? It has been a rather interesting and life changing (I don't say that flippantly) experience. I have met some wonderful people and worked my butt off studying, but it was worth every second. I can't quite believe that it's over. Well the lectures and my tenancy at least.

Fret not, I will still be accepting dates from those that can tear me away from the books but have reverted back to extended dates only as I will no longer be living in London. My studies will continue until the end of July which means whilst my diary has opened up considerably allowing for more daytime dates, travel and overnights, I still have a lot to do and therefore plenty of notice is required.

Thank you to those that have seen me over the last 6 months making all this possible. You are wonderful.

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